Elevate Your Company’s Performance to New Heights with AYR’s Data Perfection Platform

In the landscape of AI technology, our innovative Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) system is making waves. A recently implemented feature is our Data Perfection Platform (DPP), a tool engineered with precision and user customization at its core. Our DPP represents a significant stride in the AI industry, empowering users with AI models that are engineered […]

Bank Statement

Back To Use Cases bank statement processingfor kyc mortgage applications 13x increase in ROI 20x increase in document processing speed Process 1.5M bank statements a year CHALlENGE Overview Various Know Your Customer (KYC) documents, including paystubs, tax return forms, and bank statements, are necessary for the mortgage application to be approved. However, each bank has […]

General Invoices

Back To Use Cases invoice processingfor general expenses 90%+ Out-of-box model on new vendors’ invoices reaches 90+% accuracy​ 80%+ Reduction in Exception Handling $1M+ in annual savings CHALlENGE Overview The format of invoices varies depending on the vendor, which means that large companies require an adaptable and expandable AI system to handle invoice processing from […]

Bank Notices

Back To Use Cases Bank noticesfor commercial loan processing 96% improved accuracy of data entry 50% reduction in manual labor $4M+ annual COST-savings CHALlENGE Overview In this use case, a top loan service bank needed to process bank notices to approve commercial loans. However, data entry and tedious quality control efforts were required  in order to […]

Understanding the Driving Forces Behind Intelligent Automation in Banking and Financial Services

Stock traders looking at finance analysis marketing report trading stocks online in office

In today’s world, the banking and financial services industry is becoming increasingly reliant on intelligent automation. Intelligent automation refers to the use of technology for automating processes, such as transaction processing and customer service interactions. As this technology continues to advance, there are a number of driving factors that are contributing to its growth and […]

AYR Employee Spotlight, Sri Nalabolu, Automation Solution Engineer

Sri joined AYR in January 2022. He brings years of experience from the RPA industry with time spent at insurance and healthcare providers, both Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Anthem. Sri also worked at KeyBank designing and developing RPA solutions, and performing initial process assessments while leading the effort on developing and deploying reusable […]

AYR Launches an Innovative Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Time to Value for Intelligent Document Processing

“Innovations in synthetic data generation and data augmentation will help enterprises overcome training challenges, and facilitate even greater adoption of IDP solutions across a wide variety of use cases.” Anil Vijayan, Partner at Everest Group AYR, a Princeton-based AI company specializing in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Intelligent Automation, announced today the launch of its revolutionary technology, […]