Understanding the Driving Forces Behind Intelligent Automation in Banking and Financial Services

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In today’s world, the banking and financial services industry is becoming increasingly reliant on intelligent automation. Intelligent automation refers to the use of technology for automating processes, such as transaction processing and customer service interactions. As this technology continues to advance, there are a number of driving factors that are contributing to its growth and […]

AYR Employee Spotlight, Sri Nalabolu, Automation Solution Engineer

Sri joined AYR in January 2022. He brings years of experience from the RPA industry with time spent at insurance and healthcare providers, both Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Anthem. Sri also worked at KeyBank designing and developing RPA solutions, and performing initial process assessments while leading the effort on developing and deploying reusable […]

AYR Launches an Innovative Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Time to Value for Intelligent Document Processing

“Innovations in synthetic data generation and data augmentation will help enterprises overcome training challenges, and facilitate even greater adoption of IDP solutions across a wide variety of use cases.” Anil Vijayan, Partner at Everest Group AYR, a Princeton-based AI company specializing in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Intelligent Automation, announced today the launch of its revolutionary technology, […]

Uncovering the Weaknesses of Your Intelligent Document Processing Solution

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Intelligent document processing (IDP) is a critical part of any business automation strategy. IDP solutions are designed to help businesses quickly and accurately process large volumes of documents, from invoices to forms, without manual intervention. However, if you’re relying on an older IDP solution, chances are it isn’t meeting your needs. A modern IDP solution […]

How Intelligent Document Processing & Process Mining Can Unlock Powerful Insights

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In an increasingly digital world, businesses rely on data-driven insights to better understand their processes. Intelligent document processing (IDP) and process mining are two powerful tools that can help organizations unlock a wealth of knowledge and gain a competitive edge. Here’s how combining these two technologies can put your business ahead of the curve. With […]

Banking Cover Letters

Stock traders looking at finance analysis marketing report trading stocks online in office

Back To Use Cases Investment Banking Cover Letter for a Large Financial Institution 1 Business Analyst Blurry and Curved Pill Bottles 4 weeks 100% Mobile CHALLENGE Overview Trade Finance receives unstructured cover letters​ Data includes sending bank data and paying bank data​ Current solution does not provide high enough accuracy    ​ Client Large Financial Institution Goal Streamlining error-prone, manual […]

Mobile Capture Medications​

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Back To Use Cases Mobile Capture Medications for a Large Pharmacy Chain 1 Business Analyst Blurry and Curved Pill Bottles 4 weeks 100% Mobile CHALLENGE Overview Patients want to submit prescription refills by taking pictures of their empty pill bottles with their mobile phones and sending them into the pharmacy.​ Because pill bottles are round not all data fields can be captured in one photo.​ Need to fulfill […]

Next-Generation Intelligent Document Processing Solutions to Reduce Your Bank Efficiency Ratio

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Intelligent document processing (IDP) has become an increasingly popular solution for streamlining complex document review processes and extracting valuable information from bank documents. Next-Gen IDP solutions offer unprecedented capabilities in automating manual review tasks and improving audit capability, allowing financial institutions to reduce their efficiency ratios and improve their overall profitability. In this article, we’ll […]

Tips for Buying Intelligent Document Processing Technologies

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Intelligent document processing technologies can be invaluable in streamlining document management and freeing time, resources, and personnel. As businesses embrace digital transformation, the need to streamline processes and workflows across departments is becoming increasingly important. From automating mundane tasks to optimizing document handling, intelligent document processing technology can help organizations reduce costs and boost productivity. […]