bank statement processing
for kyc mortgage applications

13x increase

in ROI

20x increase

in document processing speed

Process 1.5M

bank statements a year

CHALlENGE Overview

Various Know Your Customer (KYC) documents, including paystubs, tax return forms, and bank statements, are necessary for the mortgage application to be approved.

However, each bank has its own bank statement format, resulting in a large variety of statement layouts. As a result, the client’s original method for data extraction required the development and continual modification of numerous template-based data extractions; wasting a lot of time and money, only to achieve mediocre results.


A fintech company focused on streamlining the mortgage loan application process


Streamline the bank statement data extraction process, using less time and resources while achieving higher levels of accuracy.


  • To develop our AI model, AYR utilized bank statements sourced from the Internet as a sample.


  • We implemented our Intelligent Data Simulator (IDS) to create variations in the layout and content of bank statements, providing exposure to a wide range of scenarios and improving the dataset.


  • This allowed our AI Pathfinder-based multimodal model to become more versatile and resilient, resulting in increased accuracy and versatility, so that it can adapt to any bank statement format with ease