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The SingularityAI Platform is powered by award-winning  Machine Learning, and is powerful and flexible enough to automate any type of document process from input to actionable data with ease

Computer Vision

Allows computers to see by understanding the content of visual images.

Natural Language Processing

Read, decipher, detect sentiment and understand the context in documents and images.

Optical Character Recognition

AYR developed a proprietary OCR that is more accurate than leading commercially available OCRs.


One Platform, The Power to Do More With Less

Our SingularityAI Platform is composed of interoperable engines that work together to automate your business processes and help you achieve higher cost savings. 


Why SingularityAI?

Did you know that an estimated  80% or more of enterprise data is unstructured, which means most data is out of scope for traditional automation approaches? That’s where we come in. SingularityAI provides the fuel for automating work by making unstructured data ready for digital consumption and automated processing. No data scientists, no programmers, just you— our AI takes care of the rest.

Think it’s too much of a challenge?

Maybe for Legacy OCR and Classic IDP its impossible, but our experience solving the most complex IDP challenges tells us that it’s possible with AYR

Yes, we solve the problems of:

  1. tables that span multiple pages
  2. multiple tables on one page
  3. nested tables
  4. borderless tables
  5. and even the really, really ugly tables.


Values we live by


Real-Time Interaction & Modeling

Business users work with the SingularityAI Platform to teach the AI how to process a given type of business document. The AI learns, trains and establishes its model, and makes predictions or inferences in real-time.


No Data Scientists Needed

AutoML is fully embedded to enable supervised learning. Our products offer user-friendly interfaces that are designed to be operated by business users directly, without data scientists or programmers.


Small Sample Sizes

Only small amounts of sample data are needed to establish our Real-Time AI models in a matter of hours or days. This allows you to quickly validate business use cases and make adjustments early.


Self-Training & Adapting

Our platform provides you feedback so you can keep up with the dynamic changes in the real-world data streams.


Some of Our Key Capabilities

Extract actionable information from unstructured data sources, empower strategic decisions, improve customer experiences, mitigate risk, and automate your manual processes.

Add simple rules to validate and transform extracted data for ease of downstream ingestion.

Pull in third-party data via API/DB connections to enrich your post-extraction outcomes.

Understand more than just characters.

Automate contract understanding and track changes automatically.

Achieve significant cost savings while preventing check, loan, and payment authorization fraud.

Hand-printed text and other critical data can be identified and extracted automatically with NLP-focused entity extraction. 

Audit and validate document information against rules and redact sensitive information in processing documents and data.

Capture data delivered from various input devices (mobile phones, tablets, scans, etc.)

A ready-to-run mobile capture and validation solutions.

Reduce manual data entry.

Identify potential counterfeits immediately using modern AI and NLP-based document intelligence. 

Our team of experts

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

our team

Dedicated young, bright, and innovative folks who are eager to solve your most complex data challenges.

Leadership Team

85+ years of combined experience in the AI and machine learning space.

our partners trust us

VP of Strategy and Planning

P&C Insurer

“We were unable to achieve the accuracy we found with AYR’s SingularityAI platform from any of the other vendors we contacted”

VP of Operations

Telecommunications Expense Management

“I met with a lot of the other vendors in the IDP space and even went through a six-month POC that didn’t work. When I found AYR I gave them our hardest, most complex unstructured invoices. Within a week, AYR was able to give me an intelligent AI model with an API that I could send unstructured invoice data that the SingularityAI solution hadn’t seen before and was able to get 95% accuracy on the first runs.”

SVP of Business Transformation

Financial Services and Banking

“We went from five months engaged with a ‘top right in the analyst quadrants vendor’ and were not getting results. After two weeks with the AYR team, we were up and running with 99.9% straight-through processing.”


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