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Are you ready for the new era of work where the intersection of human and artificial intelligence creates better outcomes, optimizes time, and saves your organization money?

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Trusted by the world’s best organizations. AYR has been delivering smiles to hundreds of IT advisors, developers, users, and business owners just like you.

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A proof of concept with AYR resulted in faster processing of our most complex use cases and we're looking forward to building out the functionality across our telecom application.

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ARE YOU READY for fewer sample documents? for faster deployment of IDP? to stop failing automation POCs? for fast results and scale?

Singularity Systems (AYR) promised “speed, accuracy, and scale” in its IDP product and presented a client to validate the experience. When it comes to emerging technologies, enterprise clients respond to clear demonstrations of business value.

The Super Summit session’s voting results awarded Singularity Systems (AYR) the Hottest of the Hot Vendors title; it demonstrated and articulated the business value of its technology in the most credible way.

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Our Mission & Vision

We envision a world of working smarter. We see the mix of hybrid human and machine intelligence working together to form frictionless business operations. We’re technology people and we’re crazy enough to think that we can change the world and revolutionize businesses to allow people to work on their terms. We aim to save people time and their businesses money.

Our Approach

With our document training best practices along with our patented AI Pathfinder technology, you can train and deploy models in days, not months like our competition. This saves you time and money with a clear path to straight-through processing success. With SingularityAI, you can focus on higher-value work and leave the mundane tasks of data entry to us!

Accuracy and Precision

Remove errors and miscalculations to reduce risk and achieve success.


Increase speed-to-production to days instead of weeks or months.


Bring AI to your entire enterprise with built-in NLP, Computer Vision, and OCR.


Take on use cases previously thought to be impossible to automate.


Automate previously human-only processes and decrease human involvement in automated processes.

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News From AYR

Make AI practical, scalable, and cost-effective

Your Real-Time AI To Transform Data To Insight

One of the obstacles standing between meaningful value and lackluster results is the true level of automation delivered. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is key to unlocking hidden value in documents/images while enabling end-to-end automation and digital transformation.
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Saving time and money to transform the way people and businesses operate.

Touchless Claims

Mortgage Deed Processing

Financial Statements Analysis (10K/10Q)

A few of our favorite case studies

Achieve 90%+ Straight-Through Processing

At AYR, we not only make building machine-learning models easy and accessible, we also deliver untouchable results. With the SingularityAI platform, customers can tackle complex automation use cases (e.g. classifying and extracting data from long, variable, unstructured documents) and achieve nearly 100% straight-through processing. 

Check out some of our use cases to learn more. 

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