Preparing for the Next Era of Work – AYR: What’s behind the new Singularity Systems Brand

We at AYR recently introduced a new brand identity and challenge the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) industry and its users with a question – ARE YOU READY?

Let’s take a look at what stands behind our new colors, images, and words!

The abbreviation or acronym AYR is used as a question with the meaning “Are You Ready?“. “AYR” is a common phrase in today’s shortened text communication applications we have all come to know and love, like text messaging. The use of AYR usually implies impatience on the part of the sender.

At Singularity Systems, now AYR, we’re a team of innovators, doers, and veteran technologists. We have grown up in an industry full of vendors who made big promises but constantly let us down and left us wanting more. We’re impatient about failing POCs, projects that don’t meet ROI, and the promises of something great that never quite deliver on expectations. We’re tired of the world of mundane tasks and excuses as to why enterprises are still stuck trying to smash screws with hammers leveraging legacy OCR and classic IDP solutions. Work has changed, and tools for success in the future of work need to change too. We’re tired of the same old, same old and we think you are too, so ARE YOU READY to make a change?

We’re ready, and we hope you are too.

We use AYR to challenge the status quo in several ways:

Are You Ready…

  • To deliver automation on time, within budget, and according to plan
  • To close the gap and unlock the value hidden in the last mile of unstructured data understanding?
  • To save time for your people and give money back to your organization?
  • To change from failing six-month POCs to success in days?
  • To end the frustration of failing IDP projects with legacy OCR vendors?
  • For the next era of work?

What are you waiting for?

  • Most of your business data is trapped in semi-structured and unstructured formats but holds vast potential benefits.
  • IDP is not just about documents, it’s about data.
  • If you could leverage all this data, you could dramatically improve company performance, customer satisfaction, and employee experience.
  • Businesses like yours should be able to easily transform all your semi-structured and unstructured data into useful business information as part of your intelligent automation/digital transformation endeavors.

It’s the end of an era…

We envision a world of working smarter. We see the mix of hybrid human and machine intelligence working together to form frictionless business operations.

We’re humbled to be alongside you on this transformation journey and aim to deliver next-generation solutions to help you succeed.

Our Experience Tells Us:

  • You suffer from POC FATIGUE
  • You don’t have a data problem, you have a dirty-data problem
  • You are TIRED of being caught in seemingly never-ending projects, with vendors initially promising “great and wonderful things,” but then projects drag on and on with no meaningful results, and your data is still trapped.
  • You want to get to YOUR Data and use it WITHOUT depending on expensive data scientists and machine learning engineers required by other vendors.
  • And you want to do it QUICKLY and get a solution into Production within your EXPECTED timeframe.

It’s Time

It’s time to put people at the center of the automation conversation.

It’s time to actually deliver on the value promised, embrace the future, and improve the next era of work.

At AYR, we give people back time and save businesses money. Our next-generation IDP platform delivers cutting-edge data automation to make work simple. We do this so that you can focus on what is more important to you, whether that is meetings, other tasks, catching your kid’s little league game, having a meal with your friends or family, or attending a parent-teacher conference. It’s time.

Marketing Roles are Evolving – Let’s tell stories…

At AYR, we give you and your workforce the missing piece of intelligence to close the gap in understanding 100% of your data regardless of whether or not it is structured or unstructured. We help people like you to do more in less time and with fewer dollars when the world of work demands it. The “intelligence” comes from the SingularityAI platform’s ability to learn from unstructured data and determine how best to classify and integrate it into your systems. The platform learns just like the human brain, offering far more than just simple OCR.

We won’t settle for complacency and neither should you! The Intelligent Document Processing industry is led by some vendors that we have all known for years; however, the old vendors lack the innovation and desire to change to the needs of the next era of work. Their promises to deliver “next-gen” technologies fall short time and time again. Real next-generation IDP is here, yet it’s been overlooked because of the empty promises of there being some magical skill or marketplace of goodies to fix your problems. Have you tried these approaches? If so, how are those returns on those investments in legacy IDP working out?

“I met with a lot of the other vendors in the IDP space and even went through a six-month POC that didn’t work. When I found AYR I gave them our hardest, most complex unstructured invoices. Within a week, AYR was able to give me an intelligent AI model with an API that I could send unstructured invoice data that the SingularityAI solution hadn’t seen before and was able to get 95% accuracy on the first runs.”

VP of Operations, Telecom Expense Management Company

The future of work demands change. Today’s successful business outcomes require openness and a desire to embrace this change. As we think about our brand and new messaging, we recognize and appreciate that marketers are evolving to become educators and leaders rather than just advertisers. A difficult transition for some more traditional marketers, but it is necessary. It used to be that a marketer was somebody who would advertise and therefore sell products, but now they have a different role. Effective and successful marketers must inform and educate their audience rather than just trying to push them into buying something. We understood that our previous brand identity was no longer relevant to our vision for who we are and how we help our customers with the most challenging Intelligent Document Processing challenges. In a space full of old, worn-out vendors with the same-old, same-old, we all agreed that the old way of doing things had to go, and we embraced the question – ARE YOU READY?

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