One Platform, Two Engines

Our software allows business users to build sophisticated Natural Language and Computer Vision-based Machine Learning models with an intuitive browser interface that requires no coding.

Say Hello to Our Products

Our SingularityAI Platform is composed of two interoperable engines that work together to automate your business processes and help you achieve higher cost savings. 


NLP Process Engine

Self-adapting Natural Language Processing to extract meaning from semi-structured or unstructured text in any format (text documents, emails, records, etc.)


Image Process Engine

Self-adapting Image Classification that integrates Computer Vision with Natural Language Processing to accurately extract textual information from images – scanned documents or multi-media assets like driver’s licenses and ID cards.

Why singularity?

Did you know that an estimated  80% or more of enterprise data is unstructured, which means most data is out of scope for traditional automation approaches? That’s where we come in. SingularityAI provides the fuel for automating work by making unstructured data ready for digital consumption and automated processing. No data scientists, no programmers, just you— our AI takes care of the rest.

Real-Time Interaction & Modeling

Business users work with our AI side-by-side to teach the AI how to process a given type of business document. The AI learns in real-time, trains and establishes its model in real-time, and makes predictions or inferences in real-time.

No Data Scientists Needed

AutoML is fully embedded to enable supervised learning. Our products offer user-friendly interfaces that are designed to be operated by business users directly, without data scientists or programmers.

Small Sample Sizes

Only small amounts of sample data are needed to establish our Real-Time AI models in a matter of hours or days. This allows you to quickly validate business use cases and make adjustments early.

Self-Training & Adapting

Our platform provides you feedback so you can keep up with the dynamic changes in the real-world data streams.


Some of Our Key Capabilities

Extract actionable information from unstructured data sources, empower strategic decisions, improve customer experiences, mitigate risk, and automate your manual processes.


Classification and information extraction from various forms

Analysis of press releases and newspaper articles

Sentiment analysis for multiple languages

Contracts analysis and review

Fraud detection, risk analysis, background checks



Image classification

Redaction of sensitive data

Smart phone photo quality

Processing ID/bank cards, etc.

Processing invoices, etc.

Verifying stamps & signatures