Singularity Systems partners with to deliver the fastest possible ROI for Digital Transformation

“Combining our powerful IDP capabilities with the platform gives a level of visibility and control over automation previously unable to obtain…”

PRINCETON, N.J., June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Singularity Systems, a leader in intelligent document processing (IDP) delivered via their SingularityAI® platform, today announced a strategic partnership with, the Transformation Mining Company fueling digital change. The partnership gives organizations a powerful new approach to leverage process insights, automate decision-making, and discover new ways of working.

For years, digital transformation efforts have frequently stumbled or come up short. Failure to effectively harness unstructured and semi-structured data, inability to attain full end-to-end visibility, and a lack of data-driven recommendations for automation have repeatedly resulted in disillusioned executive teams, frustrated employees, and massive amounts of time and money wasted.

The power of SingularityAI with enables organizations to overcome these failures, revealing true end-to-end processes, full end user impact, and total digital transformation potential. The combined solution delivers automation analysis and suggestions that are centered on people, with a focus on who automation could assist, including where, when, and how it can be best deployed.

“Through our partnership with, organizations will now be able to avoid the pervasive reasons why so many digital transformation efforts fail,” says Tianhao WU, CTO and co-founder of Singularity Systems. “Combining our powerful IDP capabilities with the platform gives clients a level of visibility and control over their automation success they were previously unable to obtain, identifying the right use cases to apply IDP and showing how to achieve success managing even the most difficult unstructured data problems they face.”

“ augments Business Intelligence in a way that hasn’t been available via existing data and process mining software,” said Adam Bujak, CEO of “Businesses know they need to digitally transform, but the question they ask is: where and how? Our alliance with Singularity Systems answers these two critical questions clearly, accurately, and quickly – this has not been possible before now.”

About is a Transformation Mining Company fuelling digital change, helping customers to rapidly understand their abstract processes and how these balance with people and technology dimensions. The company’s plug-and-play cloud SaaS solution serves as a data backbone, supporting insights into process automation potential and execution success, and delivering automatically generated, data-driven improvement recommendations. has offices in United States, Germany, and Poland.

About Singularity Systems

With its world-class team of scientists and developers, Singularity Systems has pioneered new AI techniques that have modernized and democratized Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). The company provides SingularityAI, an Artificial Intelligence platform enabling enterprises to transform their raw data into actionable insight. Enterprise leaders use SingularityAI to efficiently convert high-volume unstructured content into machine-readable data, enabling real-time decision-making and powering improvements in customer experience and operational agility. Serving a global customer network of top-tier organizations in banking, insurance, healthcare, energy, and other data-intensive industries, Singularity Systems is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey’s Einstein’s Alley.

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