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Accurately extract key data from resumes 

CHALlENGE Overview

Recruitment is a $200 billion industry with millions of job seekers uploading resumes and applying to jobs every day.

Resumés are growing increasingly more creative in style and presentation, making automating data extraction more difficult. They come in all different formats, making OCR-based solutions which rely on template-based forms almost impossible/very limited to a small range of resumes. 

The client is currently using an internal solution for resume extraction and data matching; however, their extraction model only achieves 90% accuracy and can only process text-based documents (.docx), not image-based ones (pdfs)


  • Auto-extraction of key elements from resumes of candidates with to classify, eliminate poor candidates, and create a comprehensive report for interviewing candidates.​
  • Trained model with 98% accuracy to extract key data from resumes regardless of format (image and text).​
  • Full integration into workplace platforms (Taleo, Workday, etc.)​


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