MTR Reconciliation for midstream oil company


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CHALlENGE Overview

The Oil and Gas Pipeline Material Test Report (MTR) is used to record various test data of raw materials, such as chemical composition, physical parameters, and so on. In order to operate and maintain oil and gas systems, such as oil pipelines, it is necessary to constantly access and review documents such as MTR to ensure safety and compliance.

Each batch of components has a corresponding MTR, which contains key information to identify the component, such as manufacturer, diameter, wall thickness, etc. This information can also be found on the surface of the component.

The current MTR process requires individuals to a) find a physical copy of the MTR that should be attached to the goods or b) contact the administrator to search for a copy of the MTR in their filing system.

This is a time-consuming process– it can easily take ten plus minutes  to find a component’s  MTR. Furthermore, because the archive of the MTR is messy or lost, it may take a long time to reach the corresponding MTR, resulting in delays in the construction period, or failure to pass the inspection, which will cause great economic losses.


Midstream Oil Consultancy


Match components to their corresponding Material Test Reports (MTR) and create digital database


  • Key material test reporting data extracted using the SingularityAI platform.
  • Streamlined the process to connect material inventory to images of materials in warehouses.
  • Total transparency and reporting of MTR process.
  • Enabled continuous quality control and human-in-the-loop learning.


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