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Computer Vision Software Engineer

Singularity Systems Inc. is an innovative AI company committed to transforming complex technologies into simple, accessible experiences for all. Our pending patented Real-Time AI framework, SinguAI, leverages Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to make AI scalable and affordable, solving many automation challenges faced by industries today. SinguAI enables customers to quickly build and deploy highly accurate models with no coding involved. Our SinguAI platform adds value by making data machine-consumable through Intelligent Document Processing, Intelligent Image Processing, and Predictive Analytics. Join us today as we create a better tomorrow.

  • Finish machine learning use cases
  • Design and Implement CV machine learning solutions for customer’s projects
  • Coding and deploying CV machine learning solutions to customer’s on-premise environments
  • Build up CV related software products

Must have:

  • Masters or higher degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Solid foundation in data structures and complex algorithms
  • Solid foundation of Computer Vision (CV) and hands-on experience in CV tasks such as object detection, tracking and recognition, image classification, semantic segmentation, OCR, etc.
  • Experience in at least one deep learning framework such as TensorFlow, PyTorch
  • Excellent level of coding skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Ability to learn different technologies quickly

Nice to have: 

  • Publications on top conferences such as CVPR, NIPS, ICCV, ECCV, etc.
  • Strong python and parallel programming (such as CUDA)
  • Experience in database.
We provide
  • Competitive salary/benefits/stock options
  • A dynamic working environment on fast-growth path together with the company
  • Depth and breadth in sota computer vision and machine learning technologies
  • Diversified and tailored career paths

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to