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Front-End Engineer

Singularity Systems Inc. is an innovative AI company committed to transforming complex technologies into simple, accessible experiences for all. Our pending patented Real-Time AI framework, SinguAI, leverages Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to make AI scalable and affordable, solving many automation challenges faced by industries today. SinguAI enables customers to quickly build and deploy highly accurate models with no coding involved. Our SinguAI platform adds value by making data machine-consumable through Intelligent Document Processing, Intelligent Image Processing, and Predictive Analytics. Join us today as we create a better tomorrow.


Front-End Product Development

  • Work closey with full-stack and backend engineers to develop robust, interactive, and smooth front-end user-interfaces for our products
  • Understand customer/company requirements and draft plans accordingly
  • Solve difficult problems and optimize performance in the product development process

Use Case Development

  • Communication with customer
  • Customize front-end development based on the company’s existing projects
  • Responsible for deploying and implementing the company’s technology and solutions in the user environment
  • System maintenance and customer service support

You are:

  • A forward thinker who can build working prototypes and baselines with scaling torwards production in mind; able to contribute to a foundational body of infrastructure that will pave the way for future work
  • A proactive teammate and strong critical thinker, willing to challenge the status quo, identify issues, and contribute to solutions – you have an eye for breaking things to make them better
  • An excellent communicator able to work well in both independent and team settings
  • A self-starter with excellent organizational skills and strong sense of responsibility, able to plan out and execute a series to steps to meet deadlines
  • A passionate engineer who takes pride in their projects and contributions, with the continued desire to always put their best foot forward

You have: 

  • A Bachelor’s (or greater) degree in a technical major such as Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Statistics, or equivalent experience
  • Two or more years of experience in front-end development with at least one position in middle or large-scale front-end development.
  • A familiarity with W3C standards, and with front-end development tools such as HTML5, CSS3, ES5/ES6
  • Ability to independently develop, test, and debug front-end interfaces
  • Ability to fully understand design requirements and implement them
  • Practical experience with MVVM frameworks such as React/Vue and the ability to develop independent projects.
  • Ability to optimize front-end performance, familiar with using front-end debugging tools

Nice to have:

  • Experience with integrating data-visualization into a front-end interface
  • Experience with integrating deployed machine learning models onto the front-end
  • Experience in front-end performance optimization
  • Have independent open source projects or have participated in well-known open-source projects
  • Familiarity with Python and Docker
  • iOS/Android development experience
We provide
  • Competitive salary/benefits/stock options
  • A dynamic working environment on fast-growth path together with the company
  • Diversified and tailored career paths

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to